Higher Frequency Sounds ~ A sign you are shifting into the Higher Dimensions: Archangel Metatron, Council of Angels, and Pleiadian Council of Light


Channeled by Goldenlight, http://www.thegoldenlightchannel.com

Full Moon, 11-28-12

I’ve been hearing this constant, high-pitched higher frequency sound now for about 3 weeks or so (maybe more)….it is something that I hear all the time now – hard to describe; the only way I can describe it is a “higher frequency sound” – it’s not so much a ringing in the ears sound, but more of a constant high-pitched background noise which I can feel is above me but also feels like it is all around me. It even seems to be increasing in vibration (as We all are).

So I asked my Council of Angels what the noise is and they said it is a sign of shifting into the higher dimensions.I have been reading many of Archangel Metatron’s messages through James Tyberonn, and have deep respect and gratitude to both James Tyberonn and Archangel Metatron. As I connected into my…

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Highly Recommended by my Self.



The Aethos Sound Meditation

The instructions below have been excerpted from a Hathor Planetary Message entitled The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness, which was channeled on September 20, 2012.
How We View Higher Dimensions

In our experience of ourselves, we exist within multiple dimensions of consciousness, and depending upon our level of personal evolution we manifest in the fourth through the twelfth dimensions. Through the ninth dimension we can alternate between our anthropomorphic form, which is humanlike in appearance, or our light body.

As we shift into the 10th dimension all connections to our anthropomorphic form dissolve. We become, for all intents and purposes, geometric light forms. As we progress in our own personal evolution we can express ourselves through the 10th, 11th and 12th dimensions in a multitude of ways.

Each progression upward in consciousness brings with it a greater understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings and…

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Self-Healing Meditation: Glow Method


Lay or sit straight in your most comfortable position.
Imagine a ball. A white ball. A little white ball.
Roll the ball around. Let the ball bounce. High.
Bounce the little white ball and guide it to land in the base of your spine.
There the little white ball lights up begins to vibrate.
Feel it. Feel the vibration turn warm across your lower back.
The glowing little white ball is vibrating… rolling up to the next vertebra….
The glowing little white ball vibrates and warms and rolls up and vibrates and warms…and rolls up and vibrates and warms….
alll the way up to the base of your neck…becoming two glowing little white ballssss….and rolls UP to just under your ear lobes…and UP around the back of your ears…and the little white balls roll around and around your temple anddd….across your foreheaddd…FEEL the tingling in your whole body as the little white balls become manyyy…FEEL the warmth…in your arms…in your legs…your feet…your hands…feel your warm hands….wash them over your faceeee and UP the bridge of your nose and up to your forehead….and through your hair…into your head….back down around your neck…feel the balls glowing brighter…and spreading wide…throughout your body….feel your body light up…rising…rising…rising….breatheeee……feeling no pain….feeling only light…throughout your body….breatheeee….no pain is …just warm vibrating light…come down slowly….gather the light and concentrate it where you need to….open the door…place the light inside and close the door. Breathe. You may feel to sleep. Rest well.